How To Contour To Look Less Ill

Hey Crohnies!

Sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve had a lot going on, had to have some staples removed from my stoma (don’t even ask how they got there, we don’t know!) and now dealing with my first flare up since my ileostomy surgery.

As you can tell I’m not exactly looking top notch these days, here’s a look of me without any make up, I look really pale and feel and look rather crappy!  


As you can see in the picture I’m using the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (£5-8 depending on where you buy it) as a base for the contouring.

Here is a list of the make up I used in this look. 


I used a foundation brush to cover all over my face and blend into my neck to avoid any lines.

Next I got out my Smashbox Contouring Kit (£35 from boots) and includes a very handy little contouring brush. 


Firstly I highlighted the brow bone, above the cheeks, under the eyes (hides bags), bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow. 

Then used the contouring colour (darkest colour) to contour the hollows of the cheeks, jawline, sides of the nose and chin as you can see in the next pictures




I then blended it all together to be less dramatic. Remember to blend outwards. Throw in all the rest of my make up, I used a dark drown eyeshadow to darken my brows to match my hair, used th In The Nude Eyeshadow Palate (£4 Watt Brothers) to cover my whole eye in the lightest shade, used the medium brown to cover the bottom half of the lid, darkest brown to blend it all together and the black to find like the top lid. I used a black mascara very similar to the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Infinite mascara but I got it in a set at Christmas and I LOVE it!  (Estée Lauder £21)  


There you go, here’s my contouring make up look, I feel more like myself when I have my make up on, plus the full coverage of the makeup means it hides my med induced spots which have popped up recently and hides scars (like above my left eyebrow) pretty well. 

Hope you like them and have a lovely weekend :) 

Jen x

Your Go To Favourite Outfit! 

Hey Crohnies!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and you’re chilling out before a new one begins.

This week has been pretty trying for me since I’m really starting to notice loss of income due to being on sick leave and getting only enough money to cover my bills every month, never mind have a social life or have the joy of spending money on new clothes and to fund my being off I’ve had to spend basically all my savings and had to get creative while going to see friends this week.

You know that one outfit you’ve had forever? The one that makes you look good even when you feel like poop (basically me every time I go out right now) and you get compliments on? I’ve basically wore mine more than anything else I’ve ever owned apart from my pjs that I feel I’m never out of. 

This is mine: 

A one shouldered lacy crop top with black bandeau underneath. The top part of my tummy and the top half of my torso is something I’m quite comfortable with showing as it not only is the only place I have no scars, it means I get the chance to show off my tattoo which says “she flys with her own wings” in Latin and is a good conversation starter when people notice it.

Secondly the skirt is a silver/black patterned skater skirt which is the style I absolutely LOVE right now. Seriously, if you have a colostomy/ileostomy/urostomy I can’t recommend these highly enough! They have a fitted waist band shows off your figure and gives a tiny waist, then the flaring of the bottom hides even a pretty full bag successfully! 

As I currently have pretty bad anaemia/I live in a very rainy Scotland I am the colour of a ghost and swear by 100 denier tights. They’re not only warm but give really good support for my bag and as the whole bottom half of my body is covered I feel comfortable since its hiding my scars/stretch marks and my baggie!

Here are some action shots:



Hope you have a fab monday! 

Jen x 

I Feel Like a Mermaid! 

Hey Crohnies!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I’ve been dealing with a few minor blockages, trying to get into my physio for my back and having a mini celebration about my brother being cleared for surgery on his oesophageal cancer (seriously needs a pic of him here, I’m so proud of him!)  


Anyway enough bragging, I thought I’d tell you all about my other new change this week that has me feeling more than a little majestic like a mermaid! I have discovered synthetic one piece extensions (used for cosplay mostly) and have realised that with a lot of tlc these very cheap hair extensions can have you feeling like a mermaid for as little as £20 for a full head (including delivery!).

Now I have VERY thick hair since roughly 3 years ago my hair all fell out due to methotrexate treatment and I was left virtually bald. During that time I discovered the fabulous cosplay wigs such as this beaut from, the MelodySusie® HOT Fashion Glamour Natural Fluffy Long Full Dark Brown Wig Hair Curl Wigs + MelodySusie® Wig Cap + MelodySusie® Wig Comb (£14.99) was my wig of choice and it not only gave me the confidence to leave my house, I also got the long hair I was dying to get! 

  Here’s the little beaut in action back when I had hardly any hair underneath, can hardly tell its a wig, right?

Well since then my hair grew awkwardly and very slowly until I was left with a little ginger bob like this! 

 (Blatant boyfriend selfie, not even gonna attempt to deny he is a total babe!) 

But as usual I felt once again I needed another change and with a seriously failed attempt at dying my hair lilac (NEVER DO THIS WITH HOME BLEACH!!!) I had to dye my hair black to give it a bit of a rest from the harsh chemicals and to stop it being quite so dark I bought 2 sets of Black/Burgundy Ombre Clip in Extensions and thickened the ends up with 2 of the Black One Piece Hair Extensions and viola! One changed (gothic looking) Jen! 😊

Hope this was useful for some of you as having all these options to make yourself look exactly how you like are fantastic, I’ve had a really hard couple of months with fatigue and weakness due to the surgery/sepsis and I finally feel more like my old self! 

Speak soon! 

Jen x 

My Kopy of a Kourtney Kardashian Look! 

Hey Crohnies!

As you all know I’ve been posting a lot about my little cousins christening. The day’s now been and gone and I have to say it was a fantastic day for everyone! 

I didn’t get to the shops to buy a new outfit so I brought out an old favourite I spoke about before in the High Waisted Heaven blog post which details where to buy the outfit.

So without further adieu this is my look that I wore yesterday. 



Have a lovely Sunday… I’m off to YouTube cute animals for the rest of the day! 

Jen x

Too Many Options! 

Hey Crohnies! 

My plan this week was to go shopping for an outfit to wear to my little cousins christening… Should have known, as always, Crohn’s had other ideas! I’m now floored with the cold and can’t stop shivering so I’ve had to raid my wardrobe for some pretty outfits I already have, my only issue now, I can’t decide!

So, here are some of my options…

Option 1


My version of Kourtney Kardashians gorgeous leather skirt and shirt combo. My change would be a burgundy shirt and scrapping the rights for some strappy black heeled sandles.

Option 2


        My split level dress I wore to the Herald Scottish Business Awards in 2013, only had one outing but wearing it with contrasting purple heels and a real clutch would bring it right up to date.

Option 3

   A cream cami and black skort with black strappy heeled sandles. My only issue with this is that it’s a bit too casual for a christening party, more suited to a night out in a club. Due to them both being slightly loose fitting the bag is hidden even when it’s slightly full. I’d team with tights if you were wanting to hide any scars/burns/stretch marks on your legs too. Also HEY KATHLEEN! Haha! 

Option 4

The Front Runner

   My personal favourtie is my peach flapper dress with taupe detailing. I would wear some rather big Bridget Jones pants (Spanx!) to keep Geoffrey the Stoma under control. I love this outfit with some heels heels and a clutch with a matching wrap/pashmina and you’re good to go! 

What one do you think I should decide on?

Jen x

An Outfit for a Special Day

Hey Crohnies! 

I’m having a slight freak out.

Next Saturday my baby cousin Sophia Lilly will be getting christened and I hate to admit it but I’m really nervous about the whole clothing situation. This will be my first formal event since surgery and normally to something church based I’d tend to wear more light colours and girly clothes but since getting Geoffrey (my stoma) I’m not confident at all in light colours in case of a leak and I’d like to surprise my family who lovingly refer to me as the vampire bat in the bellfry due to my love of the whole grunge/gothic look by wearing something that is girly for once. 

Keep an eye out for my trip shopping this week where I’ll show you all the options and what I finally decide on! 

Jen :) x

Braving a Bikini With a Stoma!

Hey Crohnies! 

Im almost 4 months in from my surgery to get my Ileostomy now and after seeing so many amazingly inspirational people getting their bellys out I have been totally inspired. 

Bethany Townsend was the lady who started it all for me, she is absolutely stunning and was the first person I ever saw wear a bikini at the same time as having an ileostomy!

Her black bikini is timeless and the cut out in the middle of the top gives it an edgy feel. I think she looks so fierce you don’t even notice her bag!

Not only absolutely stunning but a total inspiration! 

…. Taking a leaf out of Bethany’s book myself and a few of my friends from #getyourbellyout have decided to do the same! 

Me in my first bikini since surgery! 

Here’s Molly Ní Cearùil rocking a gorgeous high waisted bikini on holiday! 

Here’s Peter Ramsay flying the British flag! 

Here’s the gorgeous AJ Mooney getting her belly out on holiday! 

Here’s Sahara Fleetwood-Bradford with a figure to die for! 

And the stunning Corrine Vanessa Burns getting her belly out in a lovely pink and purple bikini! 

Send us your photos of you getting your belly out and donate £3 to #getyourbellyout for Crohns and Colitis UK! 

Have a lovely day

Jen x

Getting My Belly Out! 

Wow… What a day! I couldn’t sleep last night and decided to do a post on Reddit about being 3 months post surgery and I ended up on the front page with over 12,000 people visiting CrohnieClothing today alone! 

Since I’m now 15 weeks post surgery I thought it would be a good time to show my tummys progression over the last 3 months.

As I am getting my belly, anyone who would be able to, I’d really appreciate if you could help support #getyourbellyout, a group who raise money for crohns and colitis UK! 

so here you go… Here’s my tummy!! 

…Here is my tummy all marked up for my ileostomy taken the night before surgery…

…Here is my first picture post surgery that was taken 5 days after my collectomy and ileostomy surgery…

… Here is my tummy after I ended up with abdominal sepsis and an abscess under one of my laproscopic scars, it required some emergency surgery to drain the sepsis and relieve pressure…



… Here is how my bag looks under clothes after being freshly changed… 

… And finally here I am yesterday, really happy with how I look with my tummy now, 15 weeks since my first surgery! 

Where Is Spring?

Hey Crohnies!

I don’t know about you but my winter wardrobe is still in full swing and as much as I’m desperate to get my cute girly spring time clothes out, I do love the casualness of my winter clothes which can be mixed and matched for a relaxed casual look which is perfect for a trip to the shops or a coffee with friends.

Here’s my outfit of the day!

 I teamed my dark grey jeggings with a pair of tan army boots, and an oversized cardigan.

A little choker with a cross teamed with my huge tartan scarf gives the outfit a grunge look while still being tidy.

A simple black vest helps the jeggings support my bag even when it’s starting to fill up and the scarf and cardigan both hide the bulge of it til you get to the toilet.

 I’ve found that since my surgery I have rather weak ankles and tend to trip up or hurt my ankle unless I have structured shoes that support them. I’m basically living in my army boots and my hi tops! 

Excuse my messy room, I haven’t got the energy to clean it! 

Happy weekend!

Jen x

Can I be a Ballerina for a Day?

Hey Crohnies!

I don’t know about you but when I was younger I always wanted to be a ballerina, not because I wanted to be a dancer or really flexible, but for the costumes… Safe to say my dreams of tutus and pointe shoes went out the window 8 years ago when I got diagnosed and then went even further afield when I got good old Geoffrey the stoma, until now!

My first addition to my spring wardrobe is a tulle midi skirt (basically a long tutu, a chance to fulfil my ballerina dream at long last!) 

They’re light and have so many layers of tulle that they hide the bag very well and are gentle on soft skin due to the silky underskirt and with them being lovely and long, they hide a multitude of things you may feel uncomfortable about such as scars/burns/stretch marks on your legs.

Team with a cami top and strappy chunky heeled sanders for an outfit that is perfect for anything from a day in a beer garden to a club to a family party! 

Here’s my top 3 tulle midi skirts you can buy online.

The Louche Bettula Net Midi Skirt from is an absolute steal at £15 in the sale!

The Needle And Thread Net Midi Skirt from, £55 is the skirt to team with nude heels and clutch with an irridecent silver top on sunny days.

The Tulle Skirt Tea length Tutu Skirt Elastic Waist tulle tutu Princess Skirt Wedding Skirt in Nude Color- NC455 from, £82.43 is the most expensive of our 3 skirts however it is beautifully finished and the skirt is a showstopper at any occasion!

Hope you all have a lovely day

Jen x