Post Surgery Casual Wear

Hi Crohnies!

As most of you will know I’m only 14 weeks post surgery to remove my large intestines and have an ileostomy (most will recognise the word colostomy but it’s a similar idea meaning I have a bag I poop into instead of doing my business normally) so I’ve not had much chance to be fashionable when my main concern is comfort… That is until very recently when I discovered these:

 The AMELIA ZIP FRONT PULL ON TREGGINGS £12.00 have been life savers! Not only are they high waisted which is perfect for supporting my ileostomy, they also are a thick material which means when the bag is empty or partially filled you can’t even see it and no one is any the wiser.

I teamed these treggings with the grey MADISON ZIP FRONT CAMI also from £10.00. The top is lightweight and baggy which helps greatly if your bag is pretty full as it disguises the bulge until you get to the toilet! 

I found the outfit covered and did not irritate my new scars and both are very soft on my irritated and dry skin. 

Wear with a hoodie and trainers for a dressed down look or add a cropped sleeve blazer and ballet flats for a city chic look perfect for shopping/lunch/meeting friends. 

My Ileostomy Survival Kit

Hello again Crohnies!

I’m fairly new to having a stoma (14 weeks today!) and once I got out of the hospital I had a moment of dread while contemplating leaving the house again. I realised I was terrified to leave the house without having my stoma bags and all sorts of other things I needed during a change with me while I go out… Then while on the #getyourbellyout Facebook group I noticed lots of other people with a stoma had an emergency kit they kept with them that was smaller than the original bag given by the hospital and contained the bare essentials of what I needed to get myself out of a sticky (smelly) situation! 

Above is what I’ve compiled as my emergency bag change kit which includes:

  • 2x Dog poop bags (so cheap!) 
  • 3x Coloplast one piece ileostomy bags
  • 1x ileostomy bag template (stops the stress of a measurement on the go)
  • 1x Dansac adhesive remover spray
  • 1x curved scissors (you could always improvise with nail scissors)
  • 1x pen to draw the template size on the flange (HAHA!) of the bags
  • 2x kirby grips (handy not only for holding up a top, but also for getting hair out your face in a stressful situation!)
  • 10x baby wipes in a zip lock bag (not shown) 
  • Handbag size pack of tissues (not shown) 

All of the above fits in a very small make up bag which fits comfortably in my handbag alongside my Crohn’s and UC Survival Pack!

Hope some of you find this useful! 

Jen x

I’m Back… Well 95% of me is! 

Hey Crohnies!

I’ve had a rather huge hiatus (shocking I know) but a lot has happened at CrohnieClothing HQ! I finally graduated college, got my HND, have been accepted to uni, got surgery to remove my large intestines, a permenant ileostomy, an abscess and abdominal sepsis… Plus let’s not forget more than a month in hospital for 2 surgeries and more hospital visits than I can count.

Now what does that mean for CrohnieClothing?

It means I can now practice what I preach and give more practical advice when it comes to clothes that hide not only my shiny new stoma (I’ve named Geoffrey) I can also help with my new scars and being prepared for any situation with some emergency kits (much like I’ve done before with The Crohn’s and UC Survival Pack) while also answering any questions you may have when you get in touch!

I’ll be sure to post much more often, plus it’ll be a lot easier now I’m no longer in hospital!

All the best Crohnies!

Jen x

Here’s my obligatory hospital photo… They’re a thing now!

USH Clothing!

Good afternoon Crohnies!

Haven’t I got a treat for you today, I’ve been talking to the lovely people over at UK Unsigned Hype (@ukunsignedhype), an online store that sells artists apparel innovated by @duaneflames Artist/Writer/Producer/ creator of UK unsigned Hype and I have to say I am in LOVE with their products and by the looks of it so are the boys of the X Factor! Here’s Luke Friend in one of their hats


After looking through their store I have to say my personal favourite is their varsity jacket (£34.99) in grey buy it here team it with a black hoodie underneath for a very cool way to stay warm this winter!


Another gem on the site is the Hope bobble beanie (£14.99) in maroon, the Pom Pom on the top is adorable and a must have for winter buy it here


And finally I came across the don’t label me sweater (£24.99) in black, wear it with a red skater skirt and some thick black tights for a stylish way to stay warm! The jumper is perfect because as much as I joke and call you all my Crohnies you don’t want to be labeled because of an illness, scar or burn which I feel makes the jumper perfect as a feature on crohnieclothing! buy it here


Boohoo Test Drive!


Good evening Crohnies! Hope you’re all well and starting to get in the festive spirit, as you know it’s time for all the Christmas nights out and I took it upon myself to test drive a dress on my night out last night!

The Tina Tartan and PU Skater Dress (£25.00) is from and is the epitome of great night out wear! The chiffon top of the dress is a red and black tartan and it has a high neckline perfect for any chest scars and also the pattern on the chiffon hides any scars or burns underneath. Teamed with the leather look high waisted skirt which is a slightly longer length than any of the other skater skirts/dresses I’ve saw recently!

I teamed the dress with a statement necklace, bracelets and ballet flats but if you want to be super warm/ hide any leg scars etc. I would team it with a pair of opaque tights and some cute heeled ankle boots!

If you want to check the dress out, here’s the link!

Finally here’s a quick snap of the dress in action, definitely a 10/10 buy!


The Fox Says WOW!

The Fox Says WOW!

Here at CrohnieClothingHQ we’re daft for the Ylvis song What Does The Fox Say, so to show our love we thought why not buy ALL the fox related goodies and this is my pick of the bunch! The Asos A Wear Fox Print Jumper (£38.00) is a very soft wool blend, so no worries about the dreaded itchy jumper and is in a gorgeous shade of grey with the sleeves and the rusty coloured fox so you’ll be comfortable and sure to stand out! It has a high neckline to hide any chest scars/burns and looks gorgeous layered with a red tartan skirt, some opaque tights and your killer winter boots! The jumper is also quite fitted but if youd rather it to be able to layer or to hide any lumps and bumps, buy it a size up, it’s available up to size 16!

Click the photo to have a look at the jumper on the Asos website!



Well Crohnies haven’t I got some fantastic news for you, we were at the Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards on Wednesday and … WE WON!! Never thought for a minute we’d win anything but it’s the best surprise ever especially for such early days!

I’d Like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your day to stay up to date on what’s happening and we definitely couldn’t have won without your support! Thank you all so much!

Here’s some photos of the night!