We Won! 

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I can’t believe I’m able to write this after the last year that’s been full of pain, suffering and the loss of one of the most important people in my life but we’ve been awarded a £10,000 grant from the West Dunbartonshire Social Enterprise Challenge! 

This means that we can finally make CrohnieClothing a reality and bring Customizable fashion for people who want to cover anything they feel uncomfortable like scars/burns/ostomys but still stay fashionable to the market.

I feel like through this I’ve made not only myself proud but also I know Duncan would be so proud of me and I know exactly that he’d say “well done hen! Proud of you!” And since I can picture him so clearly it makes me really happy. 

I’d like to thank everyone so much for their support and I would also like to thank you all for caring not only about the fashion, but about my journey, this has been very therapeutic in getting me through the last few years and I am looking forward to a bright future where I can keep making Duncan proud.

Thank you,

Jen x

Tartan Daft

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

As most of you know, I’m a HUGE fan of tartan. Red, blue, green? Doesn’t matter to me, I’m already reaching for my purse.

This however is my favourite tartan dress from the best shop ever when you’re a student, Primark!

The dress was (I think) £12 and is also available in a grey/black tartan instead of the green/black I’m wearing. 

I absolutely love the cut and fit of this dress as it flares out at the bottom at the perfect length to make sure my bag isn’t visible. It also has a high neckline which is ideal for anyone wanting to cover up their chest/shoulders/top of their arms. Teamed with some extra thick black opaque tights and some lace up heeled booties I’d say this is a perfect outfit to wear anywhere from shopping to the office to a date night or I’d even wear it on a night out! 

Happy Halloween!

Jen x

Why Do I Need Customizable Clothes?

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Word of warning I will be posting a picture at the end which some of you may not want to see.

I’m just doing a quick post to show you all why I am struggling so much recently and why I’m avoiding going out. You’ve saw recently in the news some amazing people who have got their bags out and gone viral while doing normal things. I’m just wanting to show you how some of the complications of having an Ostomy can mean you find it hard to have a good quality of life.

  This is the skin around my stoma, I’m sorry for showing this but I think it’s important to show about why I need clothing that will help me not leak everywhere. 
I’m allergic to the Ostomy bags that go over the stoma and it’s something I never thought I’d have to deal with but sadly it’s something that is making it harder and harder to wear any kind of clothes due to any pressure on the bag causing an instant leak and all the material of tops and bottoms cause the skin to get even more irritated. 

This is why I personally need CrohnieClothing to take offend become a reality because at the moment the high street really isn’t suitable. 

I hope I haven’t put anyone off their lunch.

Jen x

One Hell of A Busy Week!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

Here’s my blog at the beginning of this CRAZY week…

Firstly today I had a meeting with 3 stoma nurses instead of 1 to try and get this wound and infection under control and to get some help to get my bags to stop leaking and to hopefully get me back into uni without being so stressed out… I spend probably 20 minutes before I go in crying in my car at the moment (no really, I factor it in when I’m planning my day).

Next I went back to my old haunt of City of Glasgow College where my amazing lecturer from my time there Cheryl Kinloch was a lovely host and let me speak to the new second years in the Advertising and PR course and hopefully get me some interns to help out with the running of the company (I still can’t believe I was the speaker, I felt like I should have been sitting on the other side of the class and listening to someone pitch a company to me!). Fingers crossed that will lead to even more posts on all our social media and (fingers crossed even tighter) if we get some capital we can get the first lot of clothing out soon!

This was today’s outfit which is my usual casual wear but I think people respond fairly well to it, especially since it’s so autumnal!

Tomorrow there’s even more going on with me heading back to my GP for the 5th time in 2 weeks to get on some antidepressants and antianxiety meds again, I’m definitely grieving more now than I have done previously and it’s getting to a point as well where I’ve been terrified to leave the house for now reason at all other than my fear of my bag. I’m not able to carry on like this and I do think that something as major as having a bag really does weigh on your mind even though you don’t expect before surgery that 10 months down the line you’re still struggling!

Then on Wednesday is the day I’ve been really anxious about! It’s the day I get to pitch CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin for the West Dunbartonshire Social Enterprise Challenge… At the moment just thinking about it has me so nervous but I’m really looking forward to meeting the panellists and getting feedback from them on what they think about us!

Finally on Thursday I have my first ever uni exam to do… I am BRICKING it for this, it’s on Excel and I’ve not done that since school but I’m hoping to scrape a 60% somehow!!

Then over the weekend I have a lot of coursework coming up that is due so I’m not going to get a break for the foreseeable future and that takes us up to next week when we hopefully will get our results on how we did from the Social Enterprise Challenge!

Wish me luck!

Jen x

P.S. life of a Crohnie involves a lot of work… it just might need to be done sitting or lying down!

P.P.S. Sorry I wrote this last night so everything is me talking from then!

Halloween With Something To Hide

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

As you can all see we’ve started to feel that chill in the air that leads me to thinking that it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes since the big night is only a couple of weeks away now. This year I don’t think I’m dressing up as I am still in quite a state with this bag, I am however being prepared in case I need a costume last minute if I feel miraculously better and don’t spend my night watching scary movies and comfort eating all the leftover trick or treat sweets.

Firstly for the ladies, here is one of the costumes I found online that is cute but also has tights and a fairly high neckline while you can disguise any scars or burns with face paint…

The Broken Doll Costume (£24.99) escapades.co.uk


The costume comes complete with:

  • Dress
  • Bow
  • Choker
  • Tights

And all that it needs are some ankle socks with your favourite shoes, some cute hair bows and lots of face/body paint and make up to give you that broken doll look. You can also get a make up tutorial on Youtube if you click here and you’re good to go!

I also have an idea for a create your own costume of a Day of the Dead Sugar Scull.

Firstly I’d wear a Black Corset (£22), Corsets UK to support my bag and hide my scars on my tummy and be hopefully more comfortable and less stressed about a leak since this would hide it even if it happened.


Secondly I’d team the corset with this Tutu Mini Skirt (£16.99), eBay which is long at the back and would definitely cover your toothy which is one of my problems since I’m 5’8!


and to finish I’d throw on some 120 Denier black tights and some lace up black heeled ankle boots and use some make up and face/body paint to create this Sugar Scull Make Up Tutorial and viola, there you have it, 2 great ideas for Halloween costumes that are cute AND functional.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Jen x

Autumn Time Favourites

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I thought it was about time I did a post about my favourite guys and girls clothing items this season. It’s all about warmth to keep those bugs at bay, the warm autumn colours I just LOVE and practicality and although I can’t personally say I’ve tried the menswear I’m including reasons why I believe it would be handy for people with scars/burns/ostomys.

I’ll do ladies first so Crohnies here’s your bit…

Here’s my favourite lose fitting Cami top that is ideal for someone with a stoma, the V front V back Vest from Oasis, (£25) is absolutely gorgeous, it is fitted at the chest and lose around the tummy and I absolutely love the design, I plan on wearing it with high waisted black jeans and a pair of lace up black booties and a blazer for a chic look at meetings or worn with high waisted black jeans and studded biker boots as a cool uni outfit with a leather jacket and oversize tartan scarf. (I’ll also add that Oasis has a 10% student discount at the moment I took total advantage of!)

Next I have to admit I’m currently a jean junkie, I have every high waisted style and fit and I currently love these New Look high waist super skinny jean, Asos (£22.99), they have a great high waist that covers a multitude of sins and the slight stretch in the jeans also allows for maximum comfort and would look great either dressed down with a pair of original black and white vans and a tucked in band T Shirt or dressed up with a casual blouse such as this one I got from Asda £18 

Lastly here is my winter boot of the season, are these gorgeous Blowfish Octave Texas Coffee boots (£51) I’ve had these in black before, it was actually Duncan who got me them in black and they were my favourite boots of all time. I’ve been dying to find another pair so I’m unbelievably tempted to buy them, although with being a student and saving up as much money as possible, I’m torn between buying them and leaving it for now. They’re so comfortable and they’re very good at supporting your ankles, which is perfect for someone like me who tends to go over on their ankles a lot!

And now on to the boys and you Lucky Coiners!…

I absolutely love the design and how cozy this Topman Burgundy Multi Cable Knit Jumper (£32) looks. It also is very fitted so should help any of you guys who struggle finding clothes that fit properly and well, it’s one of the things I’ve heard from Duncan that Topman does very well.  

Next I’ve found some jeans that look to be a higher waist fit than most other jeans I’ve been looking at online and seem to cover any bags for ostomys, although I can’t confirm it completely the H&M skinny fit nearly black jeans (£24.99) seem to encompass everything I look for in a pair of jeans for myself and I love the colour of the jeans. 

I think the outfit combined with the Topman Jumper and the H&M jeans is completed with the classic look of Vans Old Skool in Black from Office (£51) and all that’s missing is a leather jacket for the perfect autumn look.


The outfit as a whole is covering any uncomfortable parts and anything you’d feel you want to hide while also being warm enough to hopefully avoid catching any bugs and also being supported and comfortable in what you’re wearing!

If you have any feedback on how you feel about the menswear Lucky Coin part of the blog please feel free to comment below!

Jen x

Launching Our Online Store and Knitting Club!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

It’s been a ridiculously busy week with trying to get into uni, FINALLY sending off our business plan to the West Dunbartonshire Enterprise Awards after a very generous extension and the start of knitting club even though with my bag leaking everywhere at the moment I couldn’t be there but the amazing Caroline, Duncan’s wife and my sissy in law took over and held the knitting club and provides cakes and treats for all our workers who are knitting our “hugs” and our hats!

Firstly I’d like to thank Caz for her hosting skills and sorting the knitting club because I really couldn’t have done it the state I was in and she done it far better than I could! Secondly, thank you to our troupe of knitters, you’re amazing and thank you for your free labour! I promise to keep you all on side with loads of treats! Look at you all hard at work, it’s so cute!


Here are some more photos of the night,  we’ve got Amydoll, our youngest recruit making me and Duncan proud…

… Mama Burns showing everyone how it’s done!… 

…Auntie Ann and Lisa hard at work… 

Our final product! The first design of a Lucky Coin Beanie! Can’t wait til we have even more, plus the option of pom-poms and turn ups and all the pretty colours! Thank you Lisa for modelling it!


Next we have launched our Crohnie Clothing and Lucky Coin Website! You can buy your Lucky Coin Bracelets there, all hand made with love and with FREE postage, a total steal at £4! Get yours HERE!


 Thank you all for the orders so far! 

Jen x

Struggling At The Moment.

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners,

Sorry again for my breaks between posts but at this point I’m so stressed with uni, being told there’s nothing more that can be done with the state of my stoma with its constant infection, leaks, pain and being sad about missing Duncan that I’m really finding it difficult to get motivated to make an effort these days with dressing nicely and even looking for new clothes

I’ve been trying to get help with my business plan too so I can finish my application to the West Dunbartonshire Enterprise Challenge but with only a few days and not getting the help I need for it, it’s looking unlikely. I’ve also been trying to go to uni but with the happenings of the last few weeks in all honesty I’ve hardly attended and I am seriously wishing I didn’t apply this year because it feels like a waste of time while I’m like this.

The realisation that this may be the best health I’ll find too is absolutely gutting as I’ve been told that there’s nothing else that my stoma nurse can do to help with the dermatitis under my bag, the pain caused by it, the infection that is caused due to the poo getting into the cracked and cut areas of skin which is basically all over it. I’d post a picture but the state it’s in is embarrassing and I’m definitely not comfortable enough to get my stoma out. Since this is the point I’m at and while being unwell like this there is no way I can hold down any kind of job which is terrifying as this could be my life and I might never be able to live up to my potential and living on disability benefits for life being a very real possibility for me. I mean who ever thinks they’ll have no prospects at 22? 

Due to all of this I’m really struggling to find the effort to get out of bed again and I’m really not sure when it will change but I am trying, even if it doesn’t look like it on here, I’m still trying to push on with this project for Duncan. 

I’m sorry I’m not doing enough,

Jen x

To My Lecturers and Classmates, Have Some Understanding.

Not many people spend as much time as I have done trying to get into university and when I finally got in I thought it would be the beginning of my new life and also my new career. However, I am now in my third week where I have been attending regularly and I have to say I’ve never been more anxious about going anywhere in my life.

Firstly it’s intimidating being 22 when most people who are also freshers are 17/18 and always out socialising and making friends. I struggle with this because I’ve spent so much time around older people while in hospital and all those nights I’ve had to spend home with my parents and family due to having Crohn’s and now it’s safe to say I feel fairly alienated to my peers.

Secondly, I doubt that I’m the only person attending my university with some kind of digestive troubles that cause you to need the toilet a LOT. I might look okay on the outside but under my clothes andinside it’s a totally different story. For one, under my jeans and tops is a bag. Not like everyone else’s bags for their laptop or notebook… mine is where I basically poop into. I know it isn’t a nice thing to hear spoken about if you’re new to hearing about these things but in this day and age it’s a scarily common thing to come across.

I’ll put it in terms most people understand, I heard before that over 80% of the population will get IBS at some point in their lives. That means some of you must have already experienced that in your lives so far. How did you cope with that? Do you remember the feeling of being that ill well? Well having Crohn’s is basically instead of your intestines becoming irritated by certain foods or activities like drinking alcohol, every single thing people like myself eat or drink causes inflammation, stress makes it worse, moving around can make it worse and with having your immune system attack you constantly leads to this.


The intestines on the left are the way yours probably look if you are healthy or have IBS… people with Crohn’s and other types of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) look much more like the right and are often far worse. Mine for example were so bad that the whole organ was attached to other organs in my abdomen and even started to fall apart and leak fluids into my abdomen which has caused me a lot of problems this last year.

To get back to my point, I have an invisible illness which means I’m not “determined to be first out the class” and I’m not being selfish. I’m just trying to be as close to a toilet as possible and explaining my situation to a complete stranger in person is absolutely terrifying and I’m determined not to be defined by my illness or my bag. So when I’m in a lecture and I rush out, being pointed out as I need to leave a lecture theatre is mortifying, (I’m looking at you lecturers and guest speakers!) I’m only rushing because I’m about to have a bag leak all over myself and when you point me out you have left me on the verge of tears on more than one occasion.

I don’t think for a minute people should have to know my whole situation but in general a little bit of common courtesy to everyone without the bitchy comments I got today for sitting at the end of the row and having to go change my bag mid lecture have made me severely question how I feel about being open about my illness. I don’t post things like this to get attention or to have people pity me but I DO think it needs to be brought to attention because I want my time at university to be positive, and people being horrible and basically victimising anyone who leaves the room or sits at the end of the row instead of moving in will begin to make me question my choice in going to uni and I don’t want anyone else in my situation to end up feeling the way I do at the moment. So be less quick to come out with your comments next time because most people aren’t leaving for the sake of it, they’re leaving because they HAVE to.

I’m so sorry to the regular readers who know this is nothing to do with my blog purpose but it’s something that has been bothering me a lot the last few weeks and today was one step too far.

Jen x

We Need YOUR Help!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I need your help… We’re looking to upgrade our website from a blog to a blog, store and somewhere to donate to our GoFundMe page since we’re going to finally have lucky coin “Duncs” Ribbons and bracelets available over the coming weeks. We’re also looking into a “Send a Hug” which will be a hand knitted scarf/ blanket or tie to give to a loved one who you may want to give a hug to but you’re unable to give one in person and even Lucky Coin and Crohnie Clothing T Shirts once we get some more capital!

Basically what we need to know is upgrading to a business wordpress site worth it or is there another better way to go about it?

Also we’re going to need some dedicated knitters to help to knit a “hug” and to assemble the ribbons or bracelets so we can sell to help fund our first batch of clothing! If you’re interested in knitting, making ribbons or bracelets all the materials will be provided free of charge and you can always let me know by the usual ways of Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/crohnieclothing, twitter – @adprjenniferm or good old email – jennifermcgregor93@live.co.uk and any family either give me a wee text or call my mama bear and we’ll arrange to get some stuff to you or to come have a knitting or ribbon and bracelet club!

Thank you,

Jen x