To My Lecturers and Classmates, Have Some Understanding.

Not many people spend as much time as I have done trying to get into university and when I finally got in I thought it would be the beginning of my new life and also my new career. However, I am now in my third week where I have been attending regularly and I have to say I’ve never been more anxious about going anywhere in my life.

Firstly it’s intimidating being 22 when most people who are also freshers are 17/18 and always out socialising and making friends. I struggle with this because I’ve spent so much time around older people while in hospital and all those nights I’ve had to spend home with my parents and family due to having Crohn’s and now it’s safe to say I feel fairly alienated to my peers.

Secondly, I doubt that I’m the only person attending my university with some kind of digestive troubles that cause you to need the toilet a LOT. I might look okay on the outside but under my clothes andinside it’s a totally different story. For one, under my jeans and tops is a bag. Not like everyone else’s bags for their laptop or notebook… mine is where I basically poop into. I know it isn’t a nice thing to hear spoken about if you’re new to hearing about these things but in this day and age it’s a scarily common thing to come across.

I’ll put it in terms most people understand, I heard before that over 80% of the population will get IBS at some point in their lives. That means some of you must have already experienced that in your lives so far. How did you cope with that? Do you remember the feeling of being that ill well? Well having Crohn’s is basically instead of your intestines becoming irritated by certain foods or activities like drinking alcohol, every single thing people like myself eat or drink causes inflammation, stress makes it worse, moving around can make it worse and with having your immune system attack you constantly leads to this.


The intestines on the left are the way yours probably look if you are healthy or have IBS… people with Crohn’s and other types of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) look much more like the right and are often far worse. Mine for example were so bad that the whole organ was attached to other organs in my abdomen and even started to fall apart and leak fluids into my abdomen which has caused me a lot of problems this last year.

To get back to my point, I have an invisible illness which means I’m not “determined to be first out the class” and I’m not being selfish. I’m just trying to be as close to a toilet as possible and explaining my situation to a complete stranger in person is absolutely terrifying and I’m determined not to be defined by my illness or my bag. So when I’m in a lecture and I rush out, being pointed out as I need to leave a lecture theatre is mortifying, (I’m looking at you lecturers and guest speakers!) I’m only rushing because I’m about to have a bag leak all over myself and when you point me out you have left me on the verge of tears on more than one occasion.

I don’t think for a minute people should have to know my whole situation but in general a little bit of common courtesy to everyone without the bitchy comments I got today for sitting at the end of the row and having to go change my bag mid lecture have made me severely question how I feel about being open about my illness. I don’t post things like this to get attention or to have people pity me but I DO think it needs to be brought to attention because I want my time at university to be positive, and people being horrible and basically victimising anyone who leaves the room or sits at the end of the row instead of moving in will begin to make me question my choice in going to uni and I don’t want anyone else in my situation to end up feeling the way I do at the moment. So be less quick to come out with your comments next time because most people aren’t leaving for the sake of it, they’re leaving because they HAVE to.

I’m so sorry to the regular readers who know this is nothing to do with my blog purpose but it’s something that has been bothering me a lot the last few weeks and today was one step too far.

Jen x

We Need YOUR Help!

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

I need your help… We’re looking to upgrade our website from a blog to a blog, store and somewhere to donate to our GoFundMe page since we’re going to finally have lucky coin “Duncs” Ribbons and bracelets available over the coming weeks. We’re also looking into a “Send a Hug” which will be a hand knitted scarf/ blanket or tie to give to a loved one who you may want to give a hug to but you’re unable to give one in person and even Lucky Coin and Crohnie Clothing T Shirts once we get some more capital!

Basically what we need to know is upgrading to a business wordpress site worth it or is there another better way to go about it?

Also we’re going to need some dedicated knitters to help to knit a “hug” and to assemble the ribbons or bracelets so we can sell to help fund our first batch of clothing! If you’re interested in knitting, making ribbons or bracelets all the materials will be provided free of charge and you can always let me know by the usual ways of Facebook –, twitter – @adprjenniferm or good old email – and any family either give me a wee text or call my mama bear and we’ll arrange to get some stuff to you or to come have a knitting or ribbon and bracelet club!

Thank you,

Jen x

Missing Duncan and What to Wear to Uni with an Ostomy

Hey Crohnies and lucky coiners!

Firstly sorry for my week gap in posts but I’ve just started uni and I’m still struggling to manage blogging, starting the clothing line, lectures, visiting Duncan’s grave and Crohn’s. It’s a lot to try and handle at once.

I can’t believe that today it’s 1 whole month since we lost Duncan, I still keep thinking he’s going to walk through the door and ask what’s for dinner with caroline. It’s not surprising that it’s still really hard and in all honesty I think it always will be. I don’t think you can ever get over losing someone, especially when you’re as close as how we have always been so I’m determined not only to get through my uni course, but also to make our goal of CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin clothing a reality. I’ll do him proud! 

I am also so shocked at how many of you have pledged money to the Go Fund Me Page, I’m in awe of your generosity and also thank you to The Clydebank post for their lovely article on Duncan and myself, it was such a pleasure to read and the closest thing to page 3 I’ll ever get since it was on the third page! 

As you all now know I’ve started uni and my main worry is what do I wear to not only hide the bag so people don’t instantly label me as my bag or my Crohn’s, but I’m definitely embracing the bag more as I know without it I wouldn’t be here let alone starting uni so I’m trying to get over my own insecurities I have… That is until I have a stoma fart in a lecture, that’ll be interesting!  

But back to basics, here are my two favourite fall outfits for uni. I wear a sturdy pair of Chelsea Boots (£22.50 plus student discount!) every day so I’m wearing earthy tones to go with my matching Satchel Laptop Bag (£10.49-12.99 with free P&P) 

   My outfit here is a khaki Cami from Primark (£4 but probably in sale as it’s no longer summer) with the tartan scarf also from Primark (£5), teamed with the high waisted Disco Jeans (£19.99 from New Look, featured in the Back To Basics post from last week). My watch is Marc Jacobs but I’m unsure of the price as it was a gift for my 21st.

  Today I was wearing my Disco Jeans (as above) with a black lace Cami from Missguided which I think is sold out with a huge super soft shirt I got off eBay years ago that is nice and light for warm lecture rooms but is great for being amazing at hiding my bag. I also wore last years parka coat from ASDA which I love as it’s super warm and I’m once again on infection  and bug watch so I don’t end up on any more antibiotics for as long as possible.

Over the next few months there will be more and more information about how I dress that best suits myself and new ways to cover up my scars/stretchamrks/ileostomy.

If I get a good response on this I’ll do my best to create my essential autumn/winter wardrobe for any occassion!

Have a lovely night,

Jen x

What’s Been Happening This Week

Hey Crohnies and Lucky Coiners!

It’s been another crazy week and the end is nowhere in sight! I hope you all will be proud of me because I’m a girl on a mission determined to get things going for Duncan. I’ve had a tough week with fatigue, think I might be needing some more iron or blood soon but for now I’ll have to settle for the odd nap… If I have time!

This week I’ve had lots of meetings with some really interesting people such as The Business Gateway on Tuesday who have gave me a LOT to think about in regards to what kind of business I want CrohnieClothing to be and really the only thing that’ll help me decide overall is, what is best for the people who need this to work? I’ve always said from the beginning it’s not about the money and I stand by that, if I never make a penny off of this but help make someones life a little easier or we can raise money so that someone gets an endoscopy when they need one then I’m over the moon and I’ve done my bit!

I have so many amazing people get in touch with me about funding and potential contacts who could help out and I’m really so grateful because you’ve gave me some great leads I would never have found on my own. Thank you all!

The Go Fund Me Link is here once again because although you all have raised £700, it’s still not quite enough to get properly off the ground but there’s a fantastic start! If anyone would like to organise some fundraising or would like me to organise anything you’d like to take part in then please email me at: or on the CrohnieClothing Facebook or even my personal Facebook page and we can sort it out!

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my old college to see about getting in their October Newsletter which is also really exciting alongside back to back meetings next week! I cant believe how quickly things are taking off but it will take a slight while to get everything sorted and trademarked but it’s not a long way off at this point. I’ll keep applying for public grants and keep pestering you all for feedback on what you want to see happen but I have so many ideas I want to make a clothing reality!

Theres a new clothing blog on the way but until next time cheerio!

Jen x

Back To Basics

Hey Crohnies, and now Lucky Coiners! 

After the whirlwind last few days in which we’ve started to raise capital to make CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin a reality, over £600 in 2 days might I add, it’s about time for me to get back to doing what I’m used to which is blogging about clothing im wearing which makes me feel more comfortable with my stoma and hides my scars and stretchmarks. 

With our new developments of a potential clothing line underway, I can’t disclose much new information until next week when I’ve had some of the meetings I have planned but I have BIG things planned in the coming weeks and months! 

So in the meantime I’m getting back to business and blogging about the clothes I’m wearing at the moment.

Since I’m getting ready for starting uni, I’m determined to get a few casual outfits together that can be worn from this weird time where some days you might not need even a cardigan and other days when you need a winter coat! So here are the basics I’m wearing at the moment and I’ll be doing a post on what to wear with them as we go into autumn! 

Possibly the best staple in my wardrobe are black high waisted skinny jeans. I wear them CONSTANTLY! 

These are the New Look Disco Jeans (£19)  and I love them! They’re a high waisted design which is high enough not to restrict the ileostomy I have and the stretchy material means they stretch as the bag fills up! It’s a rare occasion you’ll see me without black jeans on and these are my current favourites!

Now since I’m a student I’m a big fan of Primark’s tops and shoes since they’re so affordable even now as I’m waiting for saas to come through haha! 

I got this Primark Burgundy top £8 in store the other day and with it being loose fitted it hides when I may be needing to find a bathroom to empty my bag and the detail on the neckline is excellent to make it slightly less casual than it would be. It’s also available in grey which of course, I bought too! 

I can’t wait to give you more information on what’s ahead but until next time, have a lovely weekend

Jen x

Go Fund Us! 


Since there have been so many amazingly kind messages from you all, we’ve decided to set up a go fund me page so that CrohnieClothing and Lucky Coin Clothing can become a reality! 

There will be lots of different ways we plan on raising money to get the funding to get them off the ground from sponsored cycles or hill walks to football cards and even some sneaky surprises that I still have to keep under wraps but if you have a few spare pounds and would like to donate the cost of a pint to duncan or myself please use the link above to donate a few pounds and we’ll be so grateful!

Jen x

It’s Not Goodbye It’s See You Later.

Hey Crohnies,

I’m really sad to be telling you this but my inspirational, hero of a big brother Duncan passed away on the 23rd of August 2015.


As most of you know I have always been very close to Duncan and since his cancer diagnosis last year he not only made sure that he helped our family come to terms with his illness, he also helped me through getting my ileostomy and through my surgery for the sepsis after the initial surgery.

Through everything Duncan had to face, he did it willingly to get to spend as much time as possible with us, however, due to his life being cut tragically short, he never got to make his dream of having his own fashion line made a reality. So as of now I am determined to get funding to make the clothing line for CrohnieClothing with 10 key pieces for each gender with each having customisation options to hide/make things more comfortable for those with scars/burns/colostomy bags or any other things people will struggle to find fashionable clothing which is also functionable for them. 

In Duncan’s memory I would also like to call the menswear section after his planned name for his clothing line which is “Lucky Coin” and will be Lucky Coin for CrohnieClothing. Money from the profits of which will go in Duncan’s name to a fund which will help those in need of an endoscopy or worried about their symptoms which could in fact be Oesophageal cancer which was what tragically took Duncan’s life. With this disease early diagnosis is crucial and we want to make sure no one else is in our families situation in the future. 

If anyone is aware of any companies or anything who could help us get our new project off the ground, please get in touch with myself by email at

Jen x

Duncan Andrew McGregor 3/3/81-23/8/15

A Casual Look For A Rainy July Day

Hey Crohnies! 

I’m officially back on the blogging horse again so I thought it’s about time for a look that’s pretty great for those typical British Summer days when it is actually quite chilly and overcast. I’m not one for bright colours and normally stick to a very earthy palate of colours when I very occasionally get out of black so this is me branching out a bit and trying to be a bit more colourful when really I’m just pretty gothic in how I dress usually! 

So here’s the look…

  Damn the lighting/unmade bed in this picture but this is the only full body picture I have of this look. I’ll need to update with a better one next time I have the outfit on! 

  My outfit starts with a wide rimmed hat which I got from Missguided last summer for I think £12, ive hardly wore the hat but it helps stop my wee scalp from burning in the sun. One thing I’ve never quite recovered from since my days on Azathioprine are that I burn ridiculously easy and have to take every precaution even when it looks overcast.

My make up is from my previous blog post Every Day Make Up To Hide My Paleness and I ordered my hair extensions from Amazon, they’re shade 1b natural black (£75 for 3 packs which gives me a very thick head of long curls).

I use the choker necklace (£5 New Look) to hide any slight blending imperfections from my make up and to make the jump from make up skin to non make up skin less noticeable.


  For my top Im wearing a baggy Cami in Khaki (£12 New Look) to hide my bloated belly from having a blockage the last few days behind my stoma… When will I ever learn to chew my food properly? And also to hide if my bag decides to fill up quickly so I don’t look like I have a half swollen tummy! My shirt is from Topshop (£35) and I have had it FOREVER. It’s the only item of clothing I’ve wore through losing and gaining weight and trust me it’s been washed more than anything else and it still looks brand new about 7 years since I got it as a present (thank you to my brother and sissy in law for that!). 
  My jeans are extremely high waisted which I love covers my bag and makes me feel more secure when I’m moving about as it isnt dangling in the wind (one thing you’ll notice about me is all my jeans/skirts/shorts are always high waisted since surgery. I love the support and comfort of being held in slightly and they also make people totally unaware of Geoffrey my stoma!). The jeans are from Asos (£35) and they fit perfectly on my 5’8 body. They’re also pretty stretchy so they move with my bag and they hide all my scars/stretch marks and only show off my knees which are pretty scar free and the knee slits are SO on trend this year. 

Finally my boots are from Forever21 (£25) in the sale last summer. Never had more supportive boots for my weak ankles than the army boot style, I haven’t twisted my ankle in them yet and they are so sturdy I think I’ll just love them more and more the more beat up they get. There’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of army boots that are molded to your feet! 

Hope you like this look, it’s my favourite outfit I’ve had in a while! 

Keep your eyes peeled for my wedding guest prep later today. I’ll be prepping my bag to bring my supplies for my stoma and on Friday I have a really great blog post on what to wear to a wedding that is very high fashion and hides a multitude of sins while being very classy and slightly sexy!

Jen x

Everyday Make Up To Hide My Paleness

As you all know I’m ridiculously pale, especially with being constantly anaemic! I’m also really struggling to sleep these days, it’s been an issue since my first surgery to get my ileostomy but I, like most of you who are unwell too, we don’t like to show it!  Here’s my typical day to day make up tutorial that takes literally 5/10 minutes yet makes me look a LOT more healthy.

 Here I am with my base coat of foundation which is the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour in 001 Ivory (£7.99 Boots/Superdrug). I use 3 squirts on the side of my hand and use a foundation brush to apply all over my face and blend into my neck.

  Next I cover all of the still tacky foundation with the Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder in Translucent (£2.99 Superdrug) I don’t use the powder puff that comes with the powder however, I use a medium sized powder brush to apply this.
  Next I use this Elizabeth Arden palette blush on the apples of my cheeks to get a slight bit of colour. I like the shimmer on this deep pink hue, it really matches a pale skin tone like mine! (Im not sure of the price of this item as it was part of an Elizabeth Arden Gift set that was available on the Elizabeth Arden website around Christmas time). I applied this lightly with a blusher brush.

  Next I used the darkest brown in this In The Buff Nude Palette (£5 Watt Brothers) to fill in my eyebrows so they can now match my hair a bit better! I use an angled eyeshadow brush to apply this as I feel like it makes it less likely to go outside the lines. 
  Next I lined my lips with the Mac Lip Liner in Spice (£12.50 Mac Cosmetics) and Mac Lipstick in Honeylove (£15.50 Mac Cosmetics) – I love a subtle nude lip, it’s such a contrast to my normal bright red lips! 
  Lastly I apply 2 coats of this Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Lash Enhancing Mascara (£22 Elizabeth Arden) and I’m good to go! 
  And here you go! Once I clipped in my extensions, shoved on a shirt and hat I’m good to go… Not that I’m actually going anywhere haha! 


Jen x

A Little (2 Month) Break

Hey Crohnies,

Sorry I’ve not been around much recently to blog. To be honest, most days I’ve hardly got out my pjs so I’ve not really been looking my best or even wearing anything remotely interesting to blog about. I’ve been struggling with depression a lot the last year or so, not to an extreme extent, just enough to make me withdrawn and not really care about what I’m doing so I’ve been spending a lot of time in my room watching South Park… Not exactly being pro active with my recovery.

Another 2 blips are myself and my brothers health, I need more surgery which I’m still not well enough for and my brother is now on his second round of chemo so things are pretty stressful here on top of having already been feeling down. 

I’m now determined that I will be getting myself out of this hole and making positive changes in my life (like starting uni in September, yaaaay) and getting myself fit for this surgery as soon as possible which means not only trying to be more mobile and doing some gentle exercise but also being more mindfully positive too. 
I’ll be back to trying to blog at least every other day, If not feel free to tell me to get out my bed and get busy! 

Jen x